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I am the type of person who personifies the comfort zone - Change is beyond terrifying for me. As such, I’ve stagnated for a very long time in jobs (and with relationships) that do not serve me. From the moment I met Tara, she exemplified the power that comes with living authentically and using your true, free voice- And I knew that I had much to learn from her. Our conversations were honest and validating, as everything she does is with love. She provided me with tools to help me find a healthier path- within my spirituality, my job, my friendships, and in my marriage- and I am forever grateful for her mentorship.

Staci Y.

Tara’s coaching has had a profound effect on my life.  I was in the midst of a huge transition and meeting with her every week helped to reveal my own wisdom and set me on a course for realizing my true goals.  She is a gifted listener. Every week I was amazed by her ability to reflect my thoughts back to me.  In my head, these thoughts were often noisy and sometimes conflicting, but when they came back to me through Tara’s voice, they were wise and pure.  She has this ability to distill noise into a single objective.  I am horrible at setting objectives.  But by answering Tara’s very simple questions,  there was such clarity for what I truly wanted.  And it was all so practical.  I left each week with achievable goals that I came up with.  It’s incredibly empowering.  My transition was huge in scope and I was ultimately able to go through it with such grace.  I had a wise advocate that I could count on, but ultimately, I was the one doing the work.  I am so grateful for the time I have had with Tara and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Debra F.  

I have been working with Tara for many months now, and I find her inner strength an invaluable gift in our sessions.  She thoughtfully draws me out of my closed-off self like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.  I am amazed and grateful for the work we have done together.  I am a person that has an abundance of self-doubt and with Tara's coaching, I have discovered some pretty astonishing truths about who I am and what I am capable of in my life. (Some much needed healing has definitely transpired) I have started a business and her guidance has made all the difference! I look forward to uncovering more revelations about me and I can't wait to move forward with her!

Diana M. 

Samantha W. 

Since working with Tara I have been able to open up my idea of who I am rather than what I am. She is an incredible listener who deeply understands the scars and pain of what has gone before, which is now in turn scarring us once more.  Her ability to comprehend what she is hearing, and offer it back to us in a way that we can then truly hear it for ourselves is beyond belief.  I heard things from myself that I did not realize I was projecting, and through this transformative work I was able to see myself in places my subconscious always told me was not possible.  I highly recommend Tara’s coaching for anyone who needs to find the               transformative power within themselves to finally say ‘yes!’ to taking control of their life.                                                                                          

I was at a life and career transition.  I reached out to Tara for guidance to move forward along my new path and I'm so glad I did!  Her supportive, compassionate style was just what I needed.  She helped me outline my new goals and break them down into manageable pieces to make progress towards my new life journey.  I have renewed confidence in myself thanks to her coaching!

Cathleen B.

Working with Tara these past few months has been life changing. Her calm reassuring presence creates a safe space, free of judgment, to empty out thoughts and feelings. She helped me really hear myself. Through our work together I was able to let go of the thoughts that were holding me back from being the strong woman that I am. I was able to understand why I was sabotaging myself and how to stop doing it. Understanding my subconscious thoughts helped me get unstuck. If you are reading this and on the fence, don’t wait, set up a session with her. You will be happy that you did!

Orlie B. 

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