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Life  Coaching  Testimonials

I am the type of person who personifies the comfort zone - Change is beyond terrifying for me. As such, I’ve stagnated for a very long time in jobs (and with relationships) that do not serve me. From the moment I met Tara, she exemplified the power that comes with living authentically and using your true, free voice- And I knew that I had much to learn from her. Our conversations were honest and validating, as everything she does is with love. She provided me with tools to help me find a healthier path- within my spirituality, my job, my friendships, and in my marriage- and I am forever grateful for her mentorship.

Staci Y.

Acting Coaching  Testimonials

The universe provided my family an unexpected gift when my oldest child was paired to work with Tara Falk as an acting coach. Immediately, Tara connected with them on a human level, which allowed them to feel safe and seen. From that foundation, they have been able to work on developing a deeper toolbox of theatre audition and performance skills. Tara is so much more than a coach for my teenager - she's a trusted confidante, a mentor, a role model, a nurturer, and a cheerleader. We think so highly of her that when my younger child was interested in pursuing acting, Tara was our first choice in supporting her. Tara developed her confidence, her professionalism, and her sense of self through her coaching. I trust Tara implicitly with both of my children - their bodies, minds, and spirits. I am eternally grateful for her presence in their lives.

Emily M.

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